European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2019
24, 25, 26 JANUARY 2019
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette

François HIRSCH

Booth n° : PRESSE

13 avenue de l'Opéra

75001 Paris


Tel : 01 40 15 17 89


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La Correspondance De La Publicité

Founded in 1944 by Georges BERARD-QUELIN (1917-1990), Société Générale de Presse (SGPresse) is an independent press company that publishes four daily newspapers (Bulletin quotidien, Correspondance économique, Correspondance de la Presse, Correspondance de la Publicité), aimed at French decision-makers in the fields of politics, economics, media and advertising. This is extremely rigorous information aimed at demanding readers who already have a good knowledge of the subjects covered. The four daily newspapers also have a very important "appointments"; aspect, and follow the professional movements of the managers who have an important role in the above-mentioned areas. The various titles constantly seek to be upstream of the decision-making process or its officialization without ever sacrificing the necessary verification of the reliability of the published information. The work of the editors is based on extensive biographical and thematic documentation.

Press Agency


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