European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2020
23,24,25 JANUARY 2020
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette

Jean-Baptiste Tuzet


8, avenue Eugènie

92210 Saint-Cloud


Tel : 06-61-83-38-34


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Crooner Radio

Crooner Radio is the must of the great international top-of-the-range variety that accompanies you every day. From Michael Bublé to Diana Krall, from Frank Sinatra to Robbie Williams, on Crooner Radio, you will find Bryan FERRY, Rod STEWART, Lady Gaga in their Crooner Attitude"; on standards that have toured the world, ultra produced on a background of brass section with jazzy accents and symphonic string section. You will thus enter a real cinematographic universe five stars"; to accompany your lives. . . Crooner Radio is also an editorial content that is meant to be rich, just like the great public service radios from which the founder of radio (Jean-Baptiste TUZET) came. It is also a coherent editorial content, totally in line with the musical program.


DAB+ radio


Audrey Ayoun

Program Delegate 

Yves Labar

Radio Antenna Director 

Roland Legger

_i don't find contact me 

Lisette Mujinga Mutombo

_i don't find contact me 

Laurence Najm


Charles Tuzet

Technical Manager 

Jean-baptiste Tuzet

President Founder