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RadioTour Lille 2019
07 NOVEMBER 2019
Hôtel Mercure Lille Aéroport

Eric Elan


59 rue Meslay

75003 Paris


Tel : 06-23-50-73-01

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Serving the world of audio, radio stations and the music market since 2006, HyperWorld is a research institute dedicated to music research for radio stations.
With proven experience working with major radio players in Europe, HyperWorld offers the guarantee of reliable research thanks to a tried and tested online methodology. And all with complete transparency. (Respondent management, compliance with quotas, etc.).
Our mission: to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your competitors, optimise your content, set the right course for your music format and manage your catalogue and playlist in expert mode. For around thirty radio stations in Europe, we carry out online calls, online audits and format studies (Music Format Test). As a complement to our dedicated music research (600 surveys per year), we have successfully launched HyperLab in France, a recurring MULTI-SUBSCRIPTION "call online" study (18 waves per year) to identify new music on radio with high audience potential. HyperLab provides reliable, secure results for each track (28 on average) from 300 regular music station listeners. The number of rap tracks tested is deliberately limited to 2 French rap tracks. For €100 per wave and per station, you can get an idea of the potential of the main new releases on radio in France.

Musical/Market/Audience Research