European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2020
23, 24, 25 JANUARY 2020
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette

Lars-Peder Lundgren

Booth n° : DAB+M04

Universitetsvägen 14

SE-58330 Linköping


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Paneda Tech Ab

The Paneda group is active in the area of Digital Radio (DAB+), with its main focus on applications for safety systems in tunnels and buildings. DAB radio is a most essential carrier of emergency messages and Paneda has developed a complete “break-in system”, where it is possible to interrupt the ongoing broadcast signal and replace this with an emergency message. Paneda also offers similar systems for FM and VHF, and in addition also filters, amplifiers and much more. Further on Paneda act as system integrator and operates complete safety systems in a number of tunnels in Norway.

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Lars-peder Lundgren


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