European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2020
23,24,25 JANUARY 2020
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette


Booth n° : A10

7, place saint-irénée

69321 Lyon cedex 05


Tel :


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RCF has the ambition to spread a message of hope and to offer a Christian interpretation of society and current events to as many people as possible. With 630,000 listeners every day and 3. 3 million overall, RCF has 64 local radio stations and 270 frequencies in France and Belgium. These 64 community radio stations recognized as being of general interest live mainly on the donations of their listeners. Information, culture, spirituality, daily life, RCF offers a general public program, generalist, of proximity implemented by 300 employees and 3000 volunteers. Enthusiasm, creativity, solidarity and professionalism are the business values of the RCF network. Enthusiasm and solidarity embodied by this national meeting of RCF technician-director animators during the radio show. Creativity and professionalism that we will share with visitors as they discover the virtualized RCF studio, a device that simplifies self-production for everyone.


FM radio

National Radio Federation

DAB+ radio


Ingrid Blanchard

Director of Communication, Marketing and Research 

Jean Yves Bonnamour

Artistic Director 

Yohann Burgan

Information Systems Director  

Perrodon Eric

Project Manager 

Martin Feron

Director of Information, Programmes and Antenna 

Emmanuel Jousse

Managing Director  

Bertrand Lachanat

Head of antenna 

Philippe Lansac

Editorial Director radio-podcast