European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2020
23,24,25 JANUARY 2020
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette


Booth n° : Radio du Salon

115 rue de l'Abbé Groult

75015 PARIS


Tel : +33 1 70 38 52 33


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Supporting Radio and TV editors in their digital evolutions, Vizion'R offers its skills and innovative solutions to face the needs and usages modernization. Vizion'R software solutions cover video production, connected television as well as TV stream analysis and monitoring. For radio players, Vizion'R is a precursor by providing a full cloud solution called Synthesia. This solution allows to planify play out of videos, to add graphics layers on the fly composed with an aggregation of multiple sources of data and video (images, texts, RSS, tweet..) and to broadcast output video to many type of support from TV boxes to web players (like Facebook or youtube). This solution is used as a prolongation of the production chain of the media player. Vizion'R will be present again this year at the Radio show and will present its solutions in partnership with Broadcast associés.

Automation / Software publisher

PPM - Portable People Meter


Vincent Bonnefon


Marc Brelot