European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2019
24,25,26 JANUARY 2019
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette

Ali Mouhoub

Booth n° : Muzicenter Discovery MU3

64, rue du Ranelagh

75016 Paris


Tel : 01 56 28 59 00


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YACAST is a research and technology company specialized in monitoring audiovisual media. As part of its activities, YACAST has developed a complete range of innovative tools and services for professionals in the world of music and media. Muzicast: Market reference tool for monitoring music broadcasting in media. This service allows you to decipher trends, analyze the programming strategy of radio and music television stations and consult the main rankings. Muzicenter: Platform for the online promotion and distribution of new products to the media. This service allows programmers, journalists, DJs to listen online and download the latest news in broadcast format. Talk: Monitoring of political speaking time in Radio and TV. Yacast has developed tools to measure the duration of interventions by political figures on the airwaves of audiovisual media. MediaArchiver: Online interface for viewing audiovisual programmes. This tool makes it possible to review and listen again to all the programmes broadcast 24/7 by the radios and television channels monitored by Yacast.

Service Provider

Online Service

Musical/Market/Audience Research

Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces

Radio advertiser