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Eric Renard

Booth n° : A08

37 rue Saint Maur

75011 Paris


Tel : 06-86-26-28-86


- For more than 10 years, 21 JUIN PROD, has been designing, directing, arranging and producing packages for the largest antennas !|||( RTL - FRANCE BLEU - CHERIE FM - RTL2 - BEL RTL - MFM - RIRE & CHANSONS - RADIO LATINA - TOP MUSIC - BEUR FM - MAGNUM LA RADIO ||- Jingles sung, generic, sound signatures and TV composition. ||- Our 3 studios are at the exclusive disposal of our creations. . . The expertise of the 21 June team, both in original creations and packages, as well as the musicality of the creations, are a guarantee of quality sought by our clients/partners. . . The smart, original packaging, jingles to your measure, in 2 words "Smart Imaging"

Audio production - Imaging


Yann Vonarburg

Booth n° : C04

Centre d’Affaires La Boursidière

92357 Le Plessis Robinson


Tel : 01-41-36-12-00


As a specialist in portable sound recording and audio transmission, AETA Audio Systems designs and manufactures worldwide famous professional tools. Pursuing a policy of dynamic innovation , the company maintains a tradition of expertise and technical excellence, and offers a full range of audio and IP codecs designed to adapt to all operating conditions, both in the studio and on the field, and designed to meet the needs and requirements of all broadcasters.



Jean-Philippe BLANCHARD

22 rue Edouard Buffard



Tel : 01-60-54-32-00


AUDIOPOLE is the exclusive distributor of the most prestigious professional audio brands and especially for the radio market : CALREC et STUDER digital consoles, GENELEC loudspeakers, BEYERDYNAMIC microphones and headphones, YELLOWTEC digital hybrids, recording microphone, mic and screen arms and mounting systems, BROADCAST BIONICS telephone calls and social networks management system, DIGIGRAM audio cards, CLEAR-COM talkback systems, RTW and TC ELECTRONIC audio analyzers, TC ELECTRONIC audio processors, CTP SYSTEMS 4 wire boxes, GHIELMETTI patchs, LUMINEX switches, RDL audio interfaces, PHONAK wireless earpieces, WOHLER rack mount monitorings.

Importing company

Equipment Distributor




Kirsten SMITH

The Barn, Hurstwood Grange,

RH17 7QX Haywards Heath

Grande Bretagne

Tel : +44 (0)1444 473999


Broadcast Bionics are developers of PhoneBOX, Oasis and Virtual Director. The industry standard in exceptional audience engagement and communication for Radio and TV. A global leader in software development and hardware distribution our unique relationship with the worlds leading broadcasters and suppliers enables Bionics to innovate products and services which have transformed our industry and deliver daily some of the worlds most compelling broadcast content. Main products are : PhoneBox Talkshow Systems Software and hardware systems delivering information and control for phone calls, contests and audio codecs. Skype TX for Radio Make and receive high quality calls from millions of Skype users. A highly affordable and scalable system integrated alongside your existing calls, messages and workflows. Oasis, Social Media Solutions Manage Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS inside PhoneBOX with OASIS, the ultimate tool for social media curation and engagement. Virtual DIrector, Radio Visualisation Making the worlds best radio content watchable, shareable and discoverable with intelligent, automated camera switching and automated graphics generation.

Equipment Distributor

Automation / Software publisher

Program provider


Célia Bugni-Romand

Booth n° : A09

82/84 allée Galilée

38330 Montbonnot


Tel : 04-76-52-55-07


For over 30 years, Digigram has harnessed innovation to develop mission critical solutions dedicated to the contribution, production, and safe distribution of digital content. No matter where users are located, Digigram unique expertise manages IP and digital technologies to achieve flawless workflows, hallmarked by outstanding audio quality. Digigram product design recognizes the critical needs of our customers: we know that your mission is all about making sure your content is delivered securely, on-time, and uncompromised. Used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters and industrialists all over the world, Digigram sound cards, audio processing software and IP audio codecs are conceived with a consistent attention to quality and reliability. Broadcasting is one of the world’s most demanding industries. For that reason, manufacturers need to be more and more creative to respond to the industry’s continuing evolution. Today, the Digigram forward-thinking R&D ethos is harnessing cloud computing technologies to yield even more efficiencies. Digigram cloud-based integrated solutions, meshed with secure, robust hardware, will be deployed to effectively manage audio and visual content, at anytime and from anywhere. You would never compromise the quality of your organization’s audiovisual delivery. For that reason, you need to work with Digigram. For more information about revolutionary Digigram Audio-over-IP solutions go to www.digigram.com.


Online Service

Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces


Jérome Gahery

Booth n° : A12

43 rue du Commandant Rolland

93 350 Le Bourget


Tel : 01-41-60-04-30


Reference supplier for AOIP Production and Distribution Solutions - Telos Alliance Distributor - Omnia – Axia - Futuri

Automation / Software publisher

PPM - Portable People Meter


Sabrina Joucq

21 rue Montesquieu

19100 Brive-la-gaillarde


Tel :


La Lettre Pro de la Radio et des Médias deciphers all Radio professions: National, regional or local branch manager, music programming director, journalist, host, technician, consultant, advertising manager, communication manager for all categories of French-speaking radio. It also provides an update on the latest equipment, applications or developments in the radio industry, broadcast digital terrestrial radio or IP. Publication: every month.

B2B press



James Mulvany

Suite 2A, Basil Chambers, 65 High Street,

M4 1FS Manchester

Grande Bretagne

Tel : +33


MatchMaker is the easiest way to discover amazing people who want to be part of your show. It's like Tinder, but for podcasters and It's completely free!

Podcast - Outils


Benjamin Lardinoit

Avenue Saint Pancrace 18/8

1950 Kraainem


Tel : (+32) 493 810 375


On-Hertz develops unique, innovative, highly affordable web-based radio studio solutions, providing a complete workflow on a local laptop/tablet or in the cloud. The solutions respond to the challenges faced by radio stations, enabling presenters to broadcast live from anywhere much more easily and efficiently, at lower cost, creating differentiation, increasing engagement and generating new revenue opportunities. On-Hertz’s virtual radio studio offers a complete feature set and absolute reliability, and transforms the economics of outside broadcast. LUMO, a full radio studio in a backpack, won the “Best of Show” award by Radio World at its launch at IBC. As an example, LUMO enabled Radio 2 (VRT) to air the very first radio show in Europe to be entirely produced from a hot-air balloon.

Automation / Software publisher


Digital Audio/Audio Interfaces


Sven Andrae

129 avenue Charles de Gaulle

92200 Neuilly sur Seine


Tel : +33 (0)1 78 14 27 37


In 1979, RCS was created with the first version of Selector® designed for radio stations wishing to have more control over their rotations while maintaining balance and artistic variety. From the first year, Selector entered its first radio station, owned by NBC in San Francisco. RCS had invented music programming. RCS then saw the need for a similar program to help programmers and the sales department with promotional announcements and jingles or as RCS calls them; so Linker was created. In 1983, RCS introduced another innovation, its first broadcasting system called Master Control. This new software, with Selector and Linker, completes the entire studio life of radios wherever they are. In the last decade, RCS has reinvented the way broadcasters approach their business, particularly with its latest solution from a long line of products. A feature of RCS has always been the need to make improvements and optimizations under the cover of its loyal customers and experienced users of its products. From GSelector, the world's most advanced multi-station system, to Zetta, an award-winning broadcaster, to Aquira for ad management and planning to RCSNews, journalist writing software, RCS has a complete suite of software for today's media. The next generation of software applications will focus on mobile and digital tablets. RCS, once again, is a pioneer with Selector2GO and Zetta2GO. With the mobile initiative, RCS will put the power of its software in the hands of every user, no matter where they are. RCS software solutions are advanced, extremely reliable, intuitive and convenient thanks to a world-class support team. RCS provides 24/7 assistance and support in more than 130 countries.


Importing company

Automation / Software publisher



Booth n° : C03

23, rue de la Talaudière

42000 Saint-Etienne


Tel : +33 4-77-79-46-79


Since 1988, SAVE Diffusion has been responsible for the engineering and integration of broadcast technical means. Our experts select from the catalogs of our partners the solutions in line with your projects.We integrate software solutions from Dalet, WinMedia, Zenon Media. SAVE Diffusion has a subsidiary: VIDEOSCOPE Multimédia specializing in video integration and creation.At least, 15 people are at your service. The complementarity of our technical services allows us to realize integrations in the wide areas of audio and digital image. (RADIO, TV ...).Our Experts IP BROADCAST allow us to be more than a connection specialist, we are at the center of your IP AUDIO and VIDEO networks. SAVE Diffusion ensures the importation of COMREX, TIELINE & WHEASTSTONE brands as well as the distribution of FOCAL.

Equipment Distributor

Rental company

Automation / Software publisher


Radio training



Peter Passian

1241 Superior Avenue

OH 44114 Cleveland

Etats Unis

Tel : +1 (216) 241-7225


For three decades, the brands of the Telos Alliance have revolutionized radio and television by pioneering disruptive, cutting-edge audio technology with the goal of helping global networks and local stations produce better programming, improve audience engagement, and bolster ratings. The Telos Alliance is made up of six brands—Telos® Systems, Omnia® Audio, Axia® Audio, Linear Acoustic®, 25-Seven® Systems, and Minnetonka™ Audio. Distinctly and collectively, these brands raise the bar for support, performance, and innovation in the radio and television industries.


Equipment Distributor

PPM - Portable People Meter


Charlie Gawley

4 Bendsten Place

WA 6021 Balcatta


Tel : +61894132000


Tieline Technology is an established technology provider that manufactures the world's most advanced radio and television codecs that transmit FM quality audio, communications and data over IP and other network transports. Tieline codecs are the only ones in the world that are capable of sending digitally encoded audio over 3G/4G wireless networks, IP/Internet networks, standard POTS/PSTN telephone lines, ISDN, X.21, satellite (ISDN and IP) and GSM connections. Built for today's technological requirements, Tieline Broadcast Codecs are also flexible enough to take advantage of incremental advances in technology. During the transition from circuit-switched data networks to packet-switched networks, Tieline's flexible hardware options let you connect over older technologies and upgrade into new IP technologies at your own pace. Tieline is also playing a leading role in the development of audio over IP technologies through membership of the Audio-via-IP Experts Group. As a result, Tieline IP codecs are compatible with all major brands of codecs that have implemented the EBU N/ACIP tech 3326 specification, relating to interoperability over IP using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). In developing its own range of hardware and software, Tieline has assembled a strong and innovative engineering team that consults widely with customers and provides solutions that integrate seamlessly into network infrastructure. Tieline also prides itself on delivering the support that broadcasters require and expect. Hardware and software development is supported by detailed user documentation, online and telephone support - providing a solid foundation for customers to operate and maintain Tieline equipment.


Equipment Distributor



Booth n° : C03

600 Industrial Dr.

NC 28562 New Bern

Etats Unis

Tel : +1 252 638 7000


Located in New Bern NC USA, Wheatstone Corporation designs and manufactures professional broadcast audio equipment under the WHEATSTONE, AUDIOARTS ENGINEERING, PR&E and VOXPRO brand names. Products include digital audio consoles and control surfaces, analog audio consoles, networked digital audio systems, audio-over-IP, digital audio editing hardware and software, signal processing for on-air broadcast, and customizable graphical user interfaces for real-time control of audio network systems.


PPM - Portable People Meter



Booth n° : B03

375, Avenue du Mistral

13 600 La Ciotat


Tel : 04-94-102-101


Win-Group Software is an automation company that build a « suite » that permits to coverage the needs of the radio Broadcasters : - WinMam : NewsRoom System (NRCS) and library web access - WinSales : Booking, and invoicing (CRM) - WinMedia : Production, Music Scheduling, traffic Ads, On-Air, Logger, Podcast, - WinWeb :(CMS) Multi-platform delivery to Web, social networks, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and more. The new functions of this year is the WinCam, that permits to manage automatically the camera in the studios, and broadcast a video stream to the platform like Youtube or Facebook live The price of the solutions are adaptive with the options to any king of radio station from the community , Commercial to the national and public To help the access to our solutions we propose to way of business : buyout or subscription

Equipment Distributor

Automation / Software publisher


Technical Support

PPM - Portable People Meter


Nicolas DEAU

20, avenue Neil Armstrong

33700 Mérignac


Tel : 05-57-92-89-28


WorldCast Systems is a solution provider for media and industrial infrastructures worldwide, with more than 60 years of experience in radio & TV broadcasting.
By bringing together the leading brands APT, Ecreso & Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers high-performance broadcast systems, including audio codecs, FM transmitters and RF monitoring equipment designed to meet the needs of the largest international broadcast networks as well as small private stations.
APT offers codecs for audio transport over IP, E1/T1, ISDN and dedicated lines. The proven SureStream technology enables the transport of high quality audio over cost-effective IP lines.
Ecreso offers high performance FM transmitters with advanced features and very high efficiency.
Audemat provides professional monitoring and measurement tools with a wide range of software solutions for the management, configuration and control of broadcast networks.
Kybio Media is a network management software solution that allows you to monitor broadcast networks regardless of their size
We do more than design and develop products: we work closely with our customers on turnkey projects to provide them with everything they need – advice, installation, integration, commissioning and training.
Our customers include major public and private broadcasters, telecom operators and regulatory bodies, as well as many small-scale broadcasters and radios that are equally important to us.


Digital radio transmitter manufact.