European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2020
23,24,25 JANUARY 2020
Paris - Grande Halle de la Villette

Yvan Boileau

Booth n° : C28

60 Rue de Javel

75015 Paris


Tel : 01-45-30-21-23


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Importer for high-end professional audio equipment
Exclusive brands distributed in France:
Schoeps: condenser microphones and accessories
DAD: very high quality AD and DA converters
NTP Technologies: Digital audio switchers with DSP
Zaxcom: Mono and stereo digital HF system, 24-track digital recorder
Sonosax: analogue and digital studio and report consoles, 16-track digital recorder
Voice Technologies: tie microphones, headband microphones and headsets
Merging: Pyramyx software
Audioroot: batteries, battery charger, power distributor
Betso: time code and antennas
Klang: 3D monitoring processors, stereo headphone amplifiers
Cinela: Compact wind tunnel suspension
Weiss: signal processing: equalizer, compressor, limiter, converter

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Yvan Boileau

Marketing Director